Photography at Clark Gardens

All visitors and especially photography enthusiasts will find an incredible variety of subjects beckoning to be photographed at Clark Gardens Botanical Park. From macro to wide angle, the visual capture possibilities are endless.

Thank you to the members of the Clark Gardens Flickr group for the wonderful photos.

To ensure a positive experience for both photographers and visitors, we ask that the following rules and guidelines be observed.


Tripods may not interfere with other guests or block garden pathways. See all the garden etiquette guidelines.

Commercial Photography Policy

Clark Gardens welcomes commercial photographers; however there is an additional charge for commercial photography unrelated to weddings held at the Gardens. All commercial photographers are required to schedule and pay for photo sessions with the business office in advance of their desired session. Clients and guests of clients (family members, etc) of photographers must pay the regular admission fee. All sessions must be scheduled during business hours which are:

Monday – Saturday 8:00 am – 6:00pm
Sunday - 10:00 am – 5:00pm

In the event the photographer wishes to schedule a photo session during non business hours an additional $200.00 per hour will be charged to photographer.

Professional Photographers may also purchase an Annual Photography Pass which will allow unlimited usage of the garden for one year.· All sessions must be scheduled in advance.· Clients and guests of photographers must pay the regular admission fee. All other rules (see above) apply.

Commercial Photography Fees including commercials, professional ads and print ads including stock images, will be charged a fee on an individual basis. Please call the Business office for more information.

A Dressing Room may be reserved based on availability.


  • Admission Fees: $9/adult and $5/child
  • Clark Garden members are not required to pay Admission Fees


Single Session Photography Fee - $100

  • You must enter the date your photo session will take place at Clark Gardens in the area provided.
  • You must bring your PayPal receipt for photo session proof of payment and session date, with you to Clark Gardens.

Date of Photo Shoot (REQUIRED)


Annual Photography Pass - $250

  • Bring your PayPal receipt for proof of payment and purchase date, with you to Clark Gardens.
  • The annual pass is valid for 12 months from date of purchase.

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