Butterfly Guide

Observations made on the Friday Gulls field trip, 9 am to 1:30 pm, May 7, 2010.
Legend: actual number seen, or  a= abundant (too many to count), or  c= common (20-25+).

Cabbage White Butterfly
Cabbage White
(Pieris rapae) c
Checkered White Butterfly
Checkered White
(Pieris protodice) 2
Orange Sulphur Butterfly
Orange Sulfur
(Colias eurytheme)  c


Black Swallotail Butterfly
Black Swallowtail
(Papilio polyxenes)  3
Hackberry Emperor Butterfly
Hackberry Emperor
(Asterocampa celtis)  2
Questionmark Butterfly
(Polygonia interragationis)  3


Painted Lady Butterfly
Painted Lady
(Vanessa cardui)  c
American Lady Butterfly
American Lady
(Vanessa virginiensis) a
Red Admiral Butterfly
Red Admiral
(Vanessa atalanta)  a


Variegated Fritillary Butterfly
Variegated Fritillary
(Euptoieta claudia)  1
American Snout Butterfly
American Snout
(Libytheana carinenta)  1
Grey Hairstreak Butterfly
Grey Hairstreak
(Strymon melinus)  3


Red-Banded Hairstreak Butterfly
Red-Banded Hairstreak
(Calycopis cecrops) 1
Dusky-Blue Groundstreak Butterfly
Dusky-Blue Groundstreak
(Calycopis isobeon)  1
Cotoneaster Plant
Best nectaring plants this day
Ligustrum  species
Cotoneaster species.


Eggs on Plants
Oviposition (eggs) on
parsley or plants.

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