Labyrinth at Clark Gardens

Thanks to generous donors, the labyrinth at Clark Gardens was installed in July 2022. Donations to the labyrinth came large and small, including the pennies and dollars placed in our donation box. Nestled on the west side of the Garden along the Historical Tree Trail (indicated in the map below), the labyrinth invites guests to spend time in this natural setting and engage in physical movement.

Location of Labyrinth at Clark Gardens

above: The yellow triangle marks the location of the labyrinth.

"The Keepers of the Labyrinth" is a group of energy workers, spiritual directors, healthcare workers, and more who have graciously accepted the invitation to share in keeping the labyrinth filled with high vibe energy, prayers, love, healing, and peace.

What exactly is the purpose of a labyrinth?

It is not a maze full of dead ends meant to be a game to get in and out. The labyrinth has no wrong turns, no dead ends or traps.

The labyrinth in the Christian faith dates back to the medieval ages. Today, it is considered a tool to clear your mind and open your heart. An additional benefit of walking a labyrinth is that it aids in the process of meditation and stress relief.

Many Thanks to the Donors

The total cost of this project was $27,000, which was all covered by generous donors, including a $15,000 grant from The Brazos Foundation. Additional labyrinth donors include Amy Lane, Barbara Rice, Blacksmith Blades, Breanna Garcia, Bridgette Goldstein, Buzbee Foundation, Carol Birkes, Chicken Express Mineral Wells, Christiana Rodriguez Lazo, David & Shirl Hawes, Delores & Frank Christian, Dolores Larson, Gina Glover, Howard McCarthy, In Memory of Theo Wayne, In Memory of Zdenek Jary, James & Ellen Hewitt, Janette Kurban, Janis Janes, Joanne Wallis, Kathleen & Larry Brown, Kay Scott Leighton, Kendall & Elizabeth Simon, Marie Evans, Mark & Carol Montgomery, Max & Betty Bennett, Miguel Mendoza, Pat Bazzell, Paul West, Rebecca Barham, Rick & Janice Barnes, Rod Arnold, Thomas Lytle, Venture Farms – Radomske, and Wesley & Maureen Johnson.

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